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Employee Notification
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The National Restaurant Association has developed an online solution to help restaurateurs comply with the new FLSA notification requirement and keep track of the employees whom they’ve notified.

While the law doesn’t require employers to track notifications, this tool gives employers an easy way to prove they’ve kept up with the law’s requirements — similar to the way many employers track the notices they give to employees and others about COBRA continuing health care coverage.

What’s the National Restaurant Association’s solution?

  • Website portal provides employees with the required FLSA notice.
  • Your portal can be branded with your logo.
  • Simple process for employees to learn about the exchange notice.
  • Tools to help employees make health insurance decisions.
  • Provides general information about the law for employees.

The benefits for your restaurant: simplified reporting and recordkeeping

  • Provide the required written notice to your employees.
  • Access the Department of Labor’s notice templates.
  • Track and report which employees received the notice.
  • Create records to verify which employees received the notice, if proof is needed.

LEARN MORE TODAY: Members can register for the National Restaurant Association’s online solution and learn more about how to meet the Oct. 1, 2013, deadline for employee notification at Restaurant.org/Notify.