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The National Restaurant Association's Health Care HQ is aimed at giving restaurateurs the tools they need to understand the Affordable Care Act and figure out next steps for their businesses.

Our Health Care HQ explains how the new health care law may affect you and your employees, and what actions you can take to address the law and wellness. And because the health and wellness of your team is important to your success, we’ve teamed with UnitedHealthcare to provide our members, large and small, with accessible and comprehensive wellness plans. Check out the NRA Health Care HQ to learn more about:

Our partnership with UnitedHealthcare enables us to provide our members with access to essential tools and health care options for you and your staff. For more information, contact Kimberlee Vandervoorn at (301) 865-7058 or kvandervoorn@uhg.com; or Clinton Wolf at (312) 348-7064 or clinton_v_wolf@uhg.com.